About Mark Widawer

Mark brings Marketing and Technology together in a way that few people can. Which part of your business needs help? Are you a startup? Are sales suffering? Or are you just looking to shift your business into high gear? With 26 years of experience helping businesses grow, Mark can help you and your business get to where you need to be. Discover how, today.

Expertise and Experience

Which part of your business do you need help with?

Internet Marketing
Do you have a product or service you want to sell online? Or are you still in the planning stages? With Mark's help, you will discover how to name, build, market and sell your product and services online.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the craft of getting your website ranking high on Google and Bing for keywords that matter to you. Want your website to be found by the people who should be your customers?
Adwords Management
Pay Per Click Marketing with Google Adwords allows you to drive customers to your website TODAY. But it's only effective if it's done correctly. Don't ask Google to do this for you...they don't know.
Webinar Marketing
Webinars are among the most effective ways to sell anything online. It's a seminar filled with dozens or hundreds of people all interested in learning about you and your products and services. Don't know where to start? Mark can help.
Conversion Optimization
Once you get a visitor to your website, does he or she buy from you? Chances are, 99% or more of your visitors leave without buying. Mark's conversion marketing expertise can usually double, triple or 10x your sales.
Product Launch Consulting
Don't just put your product or service up for sale. Launch it! a Product Launch Specialist since 2007, Mark has helped companies earn as much as $100,000 in a 24 hour period. Want to improve the sales of your next product or service?
Technology Consulting
If your company is struggling to become more efficient, install new technology, sell more or build a presence on the Internet, then you need technology consulting, and Mark is an expert in helping businesses grow with technolgoy.
Website Development
As the owner of West Hills Web, Mark has developed a reputation for building websites that "Rank High and Sell More" from the start. Combined with his SEO and PPC experience, Mark continues to help business grow online.
Speaking and Educating
Mark has spoken across the country, and around the world at Internet Marketing industry and training events. Discover something new by inviting Mark to speak at your event.