About & Bio

Mark Widawer has been working with computers since Junior High School in 1977. He built a daily fax-based stock portfolio reporting service that predates similar services on the Internet starting back in 1990. Mark went into partnership with the Los Angeles Times, and then sold that business to the Times in 1997.

Mark was the CTO of an internet startup in 2000 and when that went bust (the CEO ran out of widows and relatives to con into investing), Mark became the VP of an internet marketing and development company. In 2001 I Mark started West Hills Web as a web hosting and web development company, and in 2003 began focusing his clients on how to actually make money with their websites. West Hills Web now focuses on building websites for local businesses.

Mark has studied internet marketing with Alex Mandossian, David Garfinkel, John Carlton and Perry Marshall, among others. Mark created his first online product in 2004, and the Landing Page Cash Machine in 2005. Mark has been teaching and coaching online since then, and has spoken at Internet Marketing events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, Las Vegas, Dallas, and as far away as Malaysia and Singapore.

Mark is now a managing partner of ACMEtraffic.com with Dan Nickerson, and recently released the Related RSS Plugin, a WordPress plugin that adds high quality relevant content to your blog automatically, without spam, and increases your Google rankings significantly.