Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is all about the science — and art — of getting people to come to your website, and then buy from you. But it doesn’t all happen by magic.

I’ve been online since about 1997, building a business within the Los Angeles Times that delivered personalized stock market reports via fax, and then expanding that to other online information services.

In 2003, I wrote the Landing Page Cash Machine, an ebook that showed people how to easily turn their website visitors into buyers. Some of the techniques in the book can easily increase sales by five times. Since then, I’ve spoken to thousands of people live, as far away as Singapore and Malaysia, teaching them how to make money online. I’ve been on stage at Affiliate Summit several times, Simon Leung’s Adwords Workshop in San Jose, and even the World Internet Summit in Las Vegas.

Thousands of copies of the Landing Page Cash Machine have been sold, and I’ve run hundreds of webinars and teleseminars on Internet Marketing. But I’m also responsible for…

  • Traffic And Conversion — There are basically two parts to Internet Marketing — getting traffic, and then converting that traffic to sales. The site is my blog all about how to make more money online.
  • Optimizers Club — The Optimizers Club is a community that is all about answering one question — “How can I make my website sell better.” Join the Optimizers Club to improve your own landing page. It’s free.
  • Prospect Xray — all about knowing your customer (a critical first step in any marketing plan)
  • Total Traffic Formula — an online webinar series all about simple, effective steps to getting traffic to your site. Each “formula” stands on its own, but also leverages the other tactics to create a flood of traffic to your site.
  • Big Bucks Ebook — If you’re new to online marketing, and looking for a product to sell, there’s no better place to start than writing an ebook. But not all ebooks are created equal. Here’s how you can create an ebook for any niche with the marketing built right in so that the book practically sells itself. That’s why it’s called a “big bucks ebook.”

Of course, if you’re looking to build a website for your business then visit West Hills Web. I live in West Hills, California, and specialize in building websites for local business. That doesn’t mean “local to me” but instead means “local to YOU”.

If you’re a local professional, tradesman or business and want to drive traffic to your door, then you need to be online. People now search online for just about everything before they get into their car to get what they want. And when they’re already in their car, they’ll check their iPhone before they head on over.

That’s what West Hills Web is all about.

So that, in a nutshell, is all about me and Internet Marketing.

Visit one (or more!) of my sites,  or follow me on Twitter.

I hope to meet you soon.


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