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If you’ve got a business, there’s a good chance that you depend on people walking in your door or calling you on the phone.

My web development company, West Hills Web, is all about creating websites for local businesses.

Some people think that if you’ve got a local company, then you don’t need the Internet. People will find you by driving down the street or word of mouth.

While that may be true, I’ve met very few people who have too much business. And even those who truly do have more business than they can handle really ought to defend themselves against what their competitors are doing. Even though you’ve got business coming in the door now, there’s no guarantee that’s going to continue.

That’s why the websites we design at West Hills Web are designed to drive people to your website, and then to get them to turn into leads and buyers.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re in the Real Estate business, the plumbing business, a local flower shop, a roofing contractor, an Attorney, or something totally different, you need a website that attracts visitors online, and then turns them into paying customers or clients.

By the way, Google LOVES local businesses. Google knows that the future of the internet is Local. Have you noticed how no one uses the Yellow Pages any more? That’s almost entirely because of the rise of the Internet as the resource for finding local businesses.

I could go on for a long time, but frankly, you’d be better off at visiting West Hills Web directly.

The whole story — and information about how to get started — is all there.

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